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Pandas dataframe — Steps to do on tabular representation of data and later this becomes the base understanding of PySpark which is distributed data frames.

Pandas — gives a gist of PySpark

Data Manipulation steps:

Load Pandas Dataframe ==> pd.read_csv()

Describe the statistics of data ==> df.describe()

Selecting Columns → Manipulation

There are Five main methods of selecting columns in pandas:

I Know that you Know | How to do it with/without PyTorch?

Vision aspect of PyTorch — Object & Event Detection and Response

The intent of this article is to give you a quick reference on all important links. These links will help you practice using Google Colab, review Github Code & Understand concepts.

I will just be the guide here, who…

ML Operation Pipeline — As Smooth As This. Pic From BING

The intent of this article is to answer few question which needs to be answered, once you start suggesting anything on any AI or ML or DL or RL Algorithms or to a Data Scientist or this is the first day of you in any new Project.

Is this Framework(PyTorch…

Options to Operationalize an Object Detection Model from MVP to Production.

This Art is a perfect mix Options & Challenges: Pick Your Poison

In this article, I will cover and comprehend 5 different options which will help you in getting handle of this situation. It’s important to understand the Use Case, Solutioning, Tech Stack and Implementation.

Use Case 1: When Customer Premise has Camera Installed and DVR Setup ready with a spare MacBook.

Otherwise suggest this idea along with…

Azure Analysis Service based Tabular Model Automated Refresh Using Azure Automation Account

1 : Create Azure Automation Account

Understand under the hood… What are the possibility to achieve Continous delivery of Spark-based ETL Job?

Gradual Steps of Progress

In this article, I will do my best to cover two topics from all if/else perspective:

First One is certainly Apache Spark(JAVA, Scala, PySpark, SparklyR) or (EMR, Databricks)

Second One: Continous Integration and Delivery…

An Owl which lives in Barn

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy & Homey 2021

From 2020, we have learnt a lot about very own selves; & why you should live?

Below is the Listing of recommendation(Likes of 2020) of Top N Books to Read, Netflix Standup/Series/Originals to watch, should have Subscriptions & Habits.



== Simplicity vs Complexity ==


We(not necessarily old techies) love and understand SQL Queries and often finds it very handy tool for data manipulation.

Which is equally true with the power of Pandas. Let’s mix the Capability of both create some interesting query processing in an easy way.

Use Case: Often working with search…

Keshav Thakur

Lead Software Developer → JAVA, Scala, Python → Data Visualization(Power BI) → Azure AI Engineer

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